Maama Kapeeka shares her story – A testimony of love

Proscovia NaKayondo ALso Maama Kapeeka, shares her story

I was the first person ever to come to AMS from Kapeeka. I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 3. I came to AMS in 2006 because since 2004 I had been extremely sick (HIV). I was getting support from elsewhere at the time, but the treatment became so expensive for me to afford and it affected my health. My friends told me about AMS, so I came in 2006 with my husband.

Proscovia Nakayondo who is also known to many as Maama Kapeeka

Proscovia Nakayondo who is also known to many as Maama Kapeeka

During my first visit to AMS, I told the staff about the huge number of people in Kapeeka living with HIV. I was then advised to go back, collect more people, and then come back with them to AMS. So, I did just that and later formed a psychosocial group with people from Kapeeka. I joined the gardening programme as well, and with Development in Gardening (DIG) support, AMS’ clients from Kapeeka started gardening and selling food for commercial gain. DIG provided us with wheelbarrows and water tanks for irrigation during the dry season, in addition to the knowledge in gardening.

My CD4 was 9 in the beginning and then it rose to 860. My viral load is now low and I am no longer on food support because I have gained back my weight and I am healthy plus I wish for more people to benefit from the food support like I have. Right now, I am very happy and I come to AMS regularly to get food and medicine for those back in Kapeeka. We are about 300  known people from Kapeeka benefiting from AMS’ health services.

“AMS takes care of us so well that if there is any pain at all, they will take care of it. It is just up to us to disclose what we need.”