“AMS helped me during a time I thought I was going to die” – A Testimony of love

Julius Shares his story

My name is  Julius Mazima and I am a client at Alive Medical Services. In 2006, I lost a friend to HIV. I then started wondering about my status considering that I had most of the physical signs and symptoms that my friend had. I had a bad rash all over my body and started feeling sick, and concluded that my fate would be the same as my friend’s. I became so malnourished that I became paralyzed on the left side of my body and thus, I was forced to quit my job as a carpenter. I could no longer afford life in Kampala and therefore went back to my village in Jinja with my family. I thought that at least my extended family would help support my wife and children after I had died.

Julius Mazima collecting his food during one of the food and nutrition support days at AMS

Julius Mazima looking healthy as he collects his food during the monthly food and nutrition support days at AMS

While in my village home, I heard about AMS from a client who was travelling all the way from Jinja to Kampala every six months to get a medicine refill. She described the services she received from AMS;  free medication, care and treatment for other infections, food, water purification supplies and economic growth among many more. I had nothing to lose by trying so in 2008, I used some of my limited savings and came to get tested.

When I reached the clinic, I was treated with a lot of care, love, and I was given hope to live a happy and healthy life just as I had been told by the lady who referred me from Jinja. I started adhere to my medication right away, I got on the food program and I gained my weight and health back. I am now almost 100% functional on my left-hand side, and I continue to exercise it to be able to return to work as a carpenter some day in the future.

“AMS really helped me during a time when I felt like I was going to die. Long live AMS! continue saving more lives”