A Testimony of Love

My name is Nakiwu Mariam I am 50 years old. I came to AMS in 2007. I decided to come to Alive Medical Services to check on my HIV status because I was pregnant at the time. Before testing for HIV, I used to often fall sick and when the results turned out positive, I accepted them. Many things came to mind like not living long enough to raise and watch my children grow.


Mariam receiving care from Alive Medical Services during one of her scheduled appointments

When I was started on treatment, I had a few adherence issues that led to straining of my health. AMS did not give up on me and the counselors used the intensive counselling services for me to be able to adhere to taking my medication and to emphasize the importance of my being healthy to raise my children and be a productive member of the community.

Alive Medical Services has helped me a lot with free medicine so I don’t spend any money. I am also provided with food which my family and I consume together and I am looking better because of this nutrition support combined with proper adherence to my medication.

Alive Medical Services has also been able to link me to an income generation group under 100GoodDeeds where we make beads for sale that earn me an income to sustain my family in terms of provision of necessities and education for my children. I am very grateful to AMS for all the services they have given me because it’s not a guarantee to acquire such services free of charge elsewhere with the love and dedication their staff extends to many people like me.