Supporting Parents and Families – A Testimony of Love

When Ann first came to Alive Medical Services in 2008, she was already weak and sick. After her partner’s death, she began to worry that she had HIV and after testing at AMS this was confirmed. Ann initially struggled to accept her diagnosis, and feared that she would soon die and leave her children to suffer. However, Ann began to make progress by working intensively with AMS counselors. The counseling allowed Ann to accept her status and gather the strength and hope to start her treatment plan – saying that “AMS has been of great help to me in that adherence sessions have really helped me take my medicine well”. Ann also says that the free medications and nutrition support that she receives from AMS have helped sustain her and her family.

Now that Ann is healthy and strong again she has been able to resume work as a police officer. Ann is proud to be working again – saying that “work has helped me stay healthy, not stressed because I am able to get my salary at the end of the month and sustain my family and also pay school fees for my children”.

When AMS provides life saving HIV care it helps build a healthy, stronger future for patients and their families!