A Poem from the Victors Club



Despair, fear, confused innocence is what filled me

I could not understand why mom had to leave me

Why I was sick all the time, why I could not play with friends

Why everyone was so cruel, why relatives whispered, ―She will be dying soon too

I kept asking myself, WHY? I did not have a clue it was AIDS

At the glimpse of death, as my fate came closer

I wondered helplessly in so much pain

Until one day, when I suddenly woke up

And there I was on this bed, with tubes running from my hands

When I looked up, I saw a white smile telling me, You are going to be just fine

―Is this Heaven, Was that an Angel? I asked myself

NO! That was a Doctor, I was still ALIVE

Behold, I was at Alive Medical Services, and really ALIVE

With these wonderful people

They received me in so much pain, and now it‘s no more

They treated me, brought me back to life, restored my HOPE

Oh! The joy that fills our hearts!

I now have great friends in the VICTORS CLUB

As the motto goes ―we care, these guys really CARE

it‘s now a whole new family!

New life, new hope each day, new sunshine

Hmmm, we cannot put pen and paper to all the experiences

We will forever be grateful to the doctors, counsellors, and the entire AMS staff

Because of Alive Medical Services we are ALIVE and pursuing our DREAMS!

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