AMS Testimony of Love!

The AMS staff is excited to share another Testimony of Love with you:
One client, Christine, came to the AMS clinic when she was very ill. After being tested at the clinic, Christine learned the she was HIV positive. Christine was devastated by this news – particularly because she was pregnant with her first child. She was immediately consumed by worry about the health of her unborn child. Fortunately, AMS doctors and staff immediately began counseling Christine and reassured her that by following a treatment plan she could give birth to a healthy, HIV-free baby. Throughout her pregnancy, AMS staff supported Christine in adhering to her antiretroviral treatment (ART) plan and antenatal care visits.
Today, Christine is the proud mother of four healthy, HIV-free children. Christine has continued to strictly adhere to her treatment plan and has relied on AMS’ high quality, comprehensive HIV support, treatment, and care. She explains that she is forever grateful for the doctors and staff at AMS, whom she credits for supporting her with “endless advice.” She also credits the clinic’s loving care and dignified services for providing she and her family with good health. Christine summarized her gratitude by saying: “God bless all Alive Medical Services staff.”