Testimonies of Love – 7

On Valentine’s day, AMS celebrated another achievement for our client-based, loving care. GlobalGiving has selected AMS as a special organization that they honored this Valentine’s Day. Please follow this LINK and click on “Uganda” near the bottom of the page to see AMS! We are honored to have been selected for this special recognition by GlobalGiving – and believe that it is our love-based care that continues to set us apart!
“When I was weak, you made me strong. When I had no voice, you gave me a song. When I lost sight, you helped me see. That your love means so much to me.” – Valentine’s Day poem

On this day, like everyday, we are grateful to celebrate the transformative love at AMS!

A 38 year old, pregnant woman arrived at AMS – she had recently tested positive for HIV and was very worried about the health of her unborn child. By the time she learned her status, the woman was already 6 months pregnant. Her concern about her baby, made accepting her status particularly difficult. However, by working with AMS clinicians and counselors, she immediately began on antiretroviral treatment (ART) and took all of the necessary steps to give birth to a health baby. In addition to preparing for the arrival of her new baby, the woman also worked with AMS counselors to prepare to disclose her status to her husband. She worked continuously with AMS staff throughout this process. Recently, this woman expressed her deep gratitude to AMS staff: now she has an open and honest relationship with her husband, she takes her medicines and feels stronger, and she has a healthy, HIV-free baby!


**The idea for Testimonies of Love was born out of AMS’ daily morning staff meetings. Every morning, before the clinic opens, staff members gather to share time, testimonies, prayer, song, laughter, and love. Sitting among the staff members you hear testimonies of love and world-class medical care from across our different departments: from rubber glove balloons that make children smile at the laboratory to deep, trusting conversations conferred in the youth wing. At AMS every day begins on a foundation of love for one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones from Dr. Pasquine N. Ogunsanya and the AMS Family!