Testimony of love and our latest GlobalGiving report!

We are excited to share another Testimony of Love from AMS:
One of AMS’ healthy mothers, a 23 year old living in a Kampala suburb ecstatically shared with us how she will forever be grateful to AMS for the gift of an HIV negative son! The woman came to AMS in 2011 and after testing positive for HIV, she immediately enrolled in antiretroviral treatment (ART). She carefully followed her treatment plan and regained her strength thanks to the comprehensive HIV treatment, care, and support that she received from AMS. However, despite her good health, when the woman discovered that she was pregnant in 2013, she was immediately concerned about the health of her unborn baby. Fortunately, the woman received respect, love, and guidance from the AMS staff throughout her pregnancy. She gave birth to a healthy baby, who was confirmed HIV-free! The happy mother testified: “To me, AMS is more than a medical center. They are like a family to me, to whom I will forever be grateful and pray for to continue their service in being a blessing to others like me.”

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Maternal and Child Health project report