Testimonies of Love – 6

A theme that has emerged over these past weeks is the transformative power of receiving love. Many patients have testified about the strength and courage that they have gained after receiving love from others. In fact, patients show that by receiving acts of love they have been able to develop a sense of self-love. Therefore, we believe in the multiplying affect of these daily acts of love.
“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” – William Shakespeare

When patients are able to develop a sense of hope and self-love then a healthy future becomes possible. Many patients have arrived at AMS with little hope. However, after receiving HIV support, treatment, and care services we have seen their health return. This is the transformative power of services delivered with love.

One of our patients, Charles, expressed his profound gratitude for the services at AMS. “I joined AMS in 2006 and [I am] happy I did because I would be dead now if I did not! In my former clinic, I was not adhering to treatment because there was no counseling on adherence [or explanation about] what viral load means and its causes. Coming to AMS changed my life…I was thoroughly counseled, supported, loved, not judged, and taught to take charge of my life.” Charles now adheres well to his treatment plan and has noticed a positive change in his health. – Charles, AMS patient

Ruth is another patient who has shared her appreciation for AMS and for the comprehensive testing, care, and treatment services that she receives at the clinic. Ruth had already felt sick and sought medical treatment before she came to AMS. However, because no one had ever given her an HIV test, her health had failed to improve. “I tried going to many health centers but without getting better – until I came to Alive and the policy was [to perform an] HIV test first. So when I got tested, I was positive and I was sad in my heart. But the way the staff counseled me, respected me and loved me – I regained hope. [Since] I was enrolled on ART [antiretroviral treatment] my life has never been the same again. Long live Alive!” – Ruth, AMS patient

**The idea for Testimonies of Love was born out of AMS’ daily morning staff meetings. Every morning, before the clinic opens, staff members gather to share time, testimonies, prayer, song, laughter, and love. Sitting among the staff members you hear testimonies of love and world-class medical care from across our different departments: from rubber glove balloons that make children smile at the laboratory to deep, trusting conversations conferred in the youth wing. At AMS every day begins on a foundation of love for one another.

Best wishes,
Dr. Pasquine N. Ogunsanya and the AMS Family