Testimonies of Love – 4

Welcome to our fourth Testimonies of Love email! As staff members, collecting and recording these testimonies of love is a rewarding process. It provides visual confirmation of the daily difference that our work makes in the lives of thousands of our patients. It is heart-warming to see how many clients are eager to share their story with us – testifying to the transformative difference that receiving HIV care with love and dignity makes. Our clients’ excitement and hope fuels our work and our vision.

“Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.” – Mother Teresa

A recurring theme in many of these testimonies is the deep sense of comfort, love, and respect that patients feel at AMS. These feelings provide our clients with a sense of trust in our services and hope for a healthy future.

By the time Mary arrived at AMS, she had lost hope and thought that she would soon die. However, when she began receiving services at AMS, her expectations for the future transformed. As Mary received love, reassurance and respect from AMS staff – she says it gave her “the hope to fight for my life.” Today, Mary is healthy and happy, after being “loved back to life.” She eagerly expresses her gratitude to the AMS staff for the top quality medical care that she has always received free of charge. Mary expresses her level of comfort at the AMS clinic by exclaiming, “this is my home!” – Mary, AMS Patient

One of our teen patients also described how the loving environment at AMS makes a difference in the care that she receives. “The love that I get from here is genuine…genuine!” She explained that this was a substantial difference from other health facilities. At AMS, she always felt welcomed – making her both comfortable and confident in her treatment plan. – Victors Club member and AMS Patient

**The idea for Testimonies of Love was born out of AMS’ daily morning staff meetings. Every morning, before the clinic opens, staff members gather to share time, testimonies, prayer, song, laughter, and love. Sitting among the staff members you hear testimonies of love and world-class medical care from across our different departments: from rubber glove balloons that make children smile at the laboratory to deep, trusting conversations conferred in the youth wing. At AMS every day begins on a foundation of love for one another.

Best wishes until next week,
Dr. Pasquine N. Ogunsanya and the AMS Family