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Five Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season!

As we wrap up one year and move onto the next, we often find ourselves looking for ways to give – not just to our friends and families, but to the causes we care most about. This holiday season, why not give to HIV-positive women, men, and children, and an organization you can trust?

Here are a few ways you can help support Alive Medical Services’ mission this holiday season.

(1) Donate to our projects on Global Giving

Alive Medical Services is seeking support for three major projects: Stop the Cycle of HIV: Support Women and Children!, End HIV Stigma Through Storytelling, and Transform the Lives of 13,000 HIV-Positive Ugandans. Donations made toward these causes will help AMS support our clients in 2018 and beyond.

Stop the Cycle of HIV: Support Women and Children

Across Uganda, hundreds of thousands of women are living with HIV. Without the proper support, HIV positive mothers will give birth to HIV positive babies, making an AIDS-free Uganda an impossibility. This project will help Alive Medical Services, a medical centre in one of Kampala’s poorest neighborhoods, support women and children with free HIV treatment. By donating, you will have an impact not only on the lives of our patients, but on the lives of families and communities as a whole.

End HIV Stigma Through Storytelling

In Uganda and around the world, HIV positive individuals are subject to severe stigma and discrimination. A biased perception of HIV results in staggering outcomes for those affected, impacting an individual’s ability to connect with others and adhere to their treatment. As a result, many fear getting tested and treated for HIV. With your help, this project will work to change perceptions of HIV through the power of storytelling – reshaping an HIV positive person as a fighter, not a victim.

Transform the Lives of 13,000 HIV-Positive Ugandans

Join us in transforming the lives of 13,000 Ugandans by supporting the work of Alive Medical Services (AMS). Strategically located in one of Kampala’s most impoverished neighborhoods, AMS provides holistic, free medical care 24/7. Clinicians, counselors and nurses serve patients with love and dignity, ensuring those living with HIV can live healthy, full lives. We provide medical care, income-generating programs, psychosocial support, nutrition aid, youth initiatives, and more.

(2) Drop your change in a donation box

Alive Medical Services has teamed up with 10 partners around Kampala to build a library in our Youth and Children’s Wing. Keep an eye out for our red donation boxes, and drop your change in as you leave! No amount is too small to donate, and every shilling counts.

Guardian Health
(Guardian Health has agreed to 100 percent match all donations!)

Locations: Kabalagala, Kisementi, Bunga Road, Jinja Main Road

Aristoc Booklex
Locations: Garden City, Kampala Road, Acacia Mall

Locations: Muyenga, Kisementi

C&A Pharmacy
Location: Kingsgate Mall

Café Kawa
Location: Tank Hill Road (next to BBROOD Muyenga)

Café Pap
Locations: Parliamentary Avenue, Garden City, Ntinda

Epiphania Pharmacy
Location: Tank Hill Road (next to Italian Supermarket)

Food and Goodies
Locations: Kabalagala

Friecca Pharmacy
Locations: Haji Musa Kasule Road, Wandegeya, Kampala Road

Goodlife Pharmacy
Location: Acacia Mall

(3) Fundraising event

Even if you can’t contribute money, there’s so much you can do to help! Organize an event at your school, office, or in your community, and donate the proceeds toward Alive Medical Services. Options for a fundraising event include:

  • Bake cookies, cupcakes, or treats and hold a bake sale
  • Round up the things you don’t use anymore and host a tag sale
  • If you’re a musician, holding a concert for family and friends
  • If you’re feeling the Christmas spirit, go caroling from door to door
  • Put on your best outfit and host a fashion show
  • Have a “casual day” in your office, with people paying a small fee to wear jeans or shorts
  • Host a food drive

The amount that you raise doesn’t have to be huge. Even $20 (or 20,000 shillings!) can mean the world to a client living with HIV. We can help make your event a success by offering details about our programs and the impact they have; event planning advice; communications materials; digital copies of promotional materials; and recognition of your event on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraising event for Alive and would like support, please contact Elissa at emiolene@amsuganda.org.

(4) Text to give

Donate to Alive Medical Services via Mobile Money!

MTN: 0 787 552 191
Airtel: 0 702 040 446

(5) In-Kind

As an HIV clinic that provides comprehensive care to our clients, we could use much more than just money – medical supplies, books, clothes, soap, personal hygiene items, blankets, food, and toys are all greatly appreciated, as each item will go directly toward an HIV-positive individual in need. Any and all of these donations can be dropped off at Alive Medical Services in Namuwongo, Kampala (we’re open 24/7!), or mailed to us at Plot 5, U.N. Rise First Close, Namuwongo, Kampala.


Children’s Day at Alive Medical Services

On December 2, 2017, 100 children gathered at Alive Medical Services for Children’s Day.

“Even though they’re children, they still experience stress,” said Lorna, a counselor with AMS’ youth and children program. “Children’s Day gives them a chance to be free and have fun together. They can forget their troubles for a little while.”

Throughout the day, youth peer educators led children in a number of different activities. They sang, danced, and played games, sometimes with their caregivers, other times with their peers.

The youth educators talked to children about the importance of adhering to their medication, along with other child-friendly health topics.

“Our youth educators really take charge of these events,” Lorna said. “They serve as good role models for the children, and encourage them to stay healthy.”

As children interacted with youth educators and staff, their caregivers participated in their own type of programming: music therapy. Our music therapy program was recently relaunched by two new members of our staff, both of whom arrived two weeks ago from the United Kingdom. These two staff members, Ella and Isabel, engaged caregivers in music therapy sessions throughout the day.

While in these sessions, caregivers were given the chance to unwind, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. They talked about motherhood, care, and HIV, connecting over the challenges (and of course, the benefits) of raising HIV-positive children.

“A great part of today is the fact that children get to share love with their parents,” said Martin, a clinician at AMS. “We encourage children to dance, sing and spend time together, which is so important.”


Mark Your Calendars: Next Week is #GivingTuesday!

One week from today, people around the world will celebrate #GivingTuesday. First launched in 2012, #GivingTuesday was created to kick off the charitable giving season, boosting the impact of organizations and connecting individuals with causes they care about.

To wrap up 2017 in the most impactful way possible, Alive Medical Services has teamed up with Global Giving to raise funds for our most vulnerable clients: HIV positive women, adolescent girls, and children. We’ve created this new project page to strengthen our  programming for women and children, boosting our support for those most disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic in Uganda.

From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on November 28, 2017, every gift you give toward Alive Medical Services will help us unlock matching funds through Global Giving!

In addition, Global Giving will match every recurring donation made from November 28 to December 31 by 100%, amplifying your impact for HIV positive women, girls and children at AMS.

Every time we work together, we get closer to an AIDS-free Uganda. We are so excited for #GivingTuesday, and we hope you are too!

Stay tuned for updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and by signing up for our newsletter!

One Virus, Two Lives: Mary’s Story of Strength

In 2013, Mary came to Alive Medical Services for a check-up. She had a fever and was hoping to see a doctor, receive some medicine, and head back home. Mary thought she only had a passing illness, but just to be safe, she decided to be tested for a number of viruses anyway.

When the doctor returned with Mary’s results, he told her something she would never have imagined: Mary, though married for years to the same person, was HIV positive.

“I was in such a bad state,” Mary said. “I just came into the clinic to get checked for a fever, and then I found out I had HIV.”

Terrified her husband would blame her for the illness, she didn’t say a thing until he developed a rash on his arms. Mary insisted he get tested for HIV, and when her husband came home with a positive diagnosis, he told her the truth. He had cheated on Mary with an HIV positive woman.

At that point, Mary found out she was pregnant with their third child, the first to be conceived after Mary realized her positive diagnosis. She hurried to AMS as soon as she found out she was expecting.

“The doctors helped me maintain good adherence throughout the pregnancy, following up with me as the months went by,” Mary said.

Within months, Mary’s husband left her for someone else. Regardless of his repeated deceit, Mary stayed strong. She kept up with her medication, came to the clinic for frequent check-ups, and focused on delivering a healthy, HIV negative baby.

After nine months of pre-natal care at AMS, and a year-and-a-half of check-ups post-birth, AMS doctors confirmed Mary’s daughter – Lillian – was HIV negative.

Today, Lillian is nearly 2 years old. Mary is in good health, and continues to come to AMS for her antiretroviral medication and regular check-ins. In addition, her family receives treatment of other infections – opportunistic or otherwise – free of charge.

“At first, I was so worried about having HIV,” Mary said. “But today, I’m okay. I’ve accepted it. And I’m well aware that if I take my medication well, I’ll continue to live.”

Giving Back While Moving On: The Kisayke Group at AMS

Across the world, young girls struggle to balance their menstruation cycles and their daily lives. Without the proper resources, a week-long period can mean a week out of school – and because in rural areas, sanitary pads can be expensive and nearly impossible to find, 30 percent of Ugandan girls miss class during their periods.

“I was an orphan, and when I was young, it was so hard for me to get sanitary pads,” said Carol,* a client at Alive Medical Services (AMS). “I had to rip my regular clothes and use those as pads.”

Remembering such experiences, Carol joined AMS’ Kisakye Group as soon as it was launched in February of 2015. AMS established the Kisakye Group for two reasons: the first, to help HIV-positive individuals earn a sustainable income; the second, to support girls and women with menstruation management. AMS trained six clients to cut, sew and create reusable sanitary pads – or “super kits” – for donation.

Each super kit contains four cotton pads, two “shields,” two Ziploc bags and a cloth drawstring bag. These super kits help women use their sanitary pads discretely and with dignity.

Since then, the women have continued coming to the clinic nearly every day to sew. The Kisakye Group produces approximately 200 super kits per quarter, each of which can last up to three years. AMS pays women for each super kit they produce, all of which are donated to vulnerable populations and other AMS clients.

“These pads are so important,” Carol said. “You can wash them easily, which prevents disease and infection.”

The sale of these pads has helped women like Carol change their lives: because of her income from the Kisakye Group – and because of her treatment at AMS for the last nine years – Carol’s health has remained under control. Her two children are HIV-negative, happy and healthy. And, Carol reports that her financial stability has helped her look past the stigma and misconceptions regarding HIV.

In addition, Carol’s husband left her last year. Instead of falling apart, the small family picked themselves up, built a new home, and started their lives on a healthier foot, all because of Carol’s savings from the Kisakye Group.

“I love being here,” Carol said. “Kisakye helped me build a one-bedroom house. It helps me budget for my children. Because I know how to make these pads, my daughter won’t have to deal with her period in the same ways I did.”

* we have changed the name of this client to protect her privacy

The Law’s on Your Side: A Story of Strength and Perseverance

When Robert’s* company started withholding salaries from their employees, he tried his best to keep faith.

“We’re going through a difficult time, his boss said, “We’ll get you your money soon.”

Robert waited. Month after month, his boss paid him the bare minimum – 30,000 shillings here ($8 USD), 20,000 shillings there ($6 USD), always promising Robert’s full salary was on the way. Robert continued to work, hoping he could believe his employer’s repeated promises.

Ten months later, nothing – and everything – had changed. Unable to secure his agreed-upon salary, Robert could no longer afford to pay rent. Robert’s landlord threw his family out on the street, and their only option was to move in with a friend. For months, Robert, his wife and their three children crowded into the corner of a shared one bedroom flat. His wife, an HIV-positive client at AMS, began drinking excessively as the stress mounted. And though Robert contacted a lawyer to help him secure his salary, the corruption continued – his lawyer dodged his calls and refused to help. He had been bribed by Robert’s company himself.

“I didn’t take one day of leave for four years,” Robert said. “We had nothing to eat. Nothing to survive. My employer refused to pay, and I looked for any job I could find.”

With his wife’s health declining, Robert began taking full control of her and their daughter’s HIV treatment. He picked up their medication at Alive Medical Services (AMS) whenever they needed it, and on one of those trips, Robert reached out to Alice, a staff member in AMS’ counselling department.

“She told me: don’t surrender,” Robert said. “Have hope. It’s your money and you deserve to get it in full. We will fight for it.”

Alice connected Robert to Justice Centres Uganda, a legal aid centre that helps Uganda’s most vulnerable citizens access legal services. For years, AMS has sustained a partnership with Justice Centres Uganda, which allows our counsellors to link clients to a lawyer free of charge.

Robert needed to get what was rightfully his to save both himself and his family, and Justice Centres Uganda did just that. After Robert’s new lawyer got involved, his employer finally surrendered a significant amount of the money owed to him. With that money, Robert bought a half acre of land, upon which he plans to build a house and start a pig farm.

“We are doing better now than ever before,” Robert said. “Alice encouraged me to keep fighting for my rights. I’m so grateful that I did.”

* indicates an individual’s name has been changed for their privacy

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