Laboratory and Pharmacy


The AMS laboratory staff conduct about 6,000 laboratory tests every month, an average of 200 tests per work day.

Our laboratory provides confirmatory tests for first line positive results and, if confirmed positive, baseline CD4 count tests. Other lab tests include full blood count, liver, renal and serum electrolyte tests. In addition, AMS carries out viral load testing for each patient to monitor treatment and health status.

Based on our successful laboratory services and our high volume of patients, the Government of Uganda provided AMS with a gene x-pert machine in July 2014. The gene x-pert machine is used to facilitate tuberculosis tests, allowing us to carry out a tuberculosis clinic in a secluded area of our compound every Thursday of the week. AMS also conducts tuberculosis sputum induction tests for children.

AMS’ pharmacy is located on site, which allows patients to see doctors, receive treatment and support, and pick up their medication all in one place.