Stop the Spread of HIV from Mothers to Babies


An AIDS-free generation is possible when we eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV (EMTCT). Alive Medical Services has created an innovative and comprehensive EMTCT program. This program has successfully eliminated ALL new infections among babies born to mothers enrolled in AMS’ care. Since 2013, AMS has discharged 279 negative babies, discharging 104 negative babies in the first six months of 2015 alone.


Women of childbearing age currently account for more than half of the world’s HIV cases and annually an estimated 1.4 million HIV positive women become pregnant. Everyday more than 1,700 infants become infected with HIV, with 90% becoming infected from mother to child transmission. Strong EMTCT programs break this chain and allow women living with HIV to give birth to healthy, HIV-free children.


AMS provides complete antenatal care (ANC) and EMTCT services. AMS offers information and counselling services for women and couples considering pregnancy. Once pregnant, a woman is enrolled in Option B+ and the ANC program, where she is taught about pregnancy risk factors and learns healthy habits. Next AMS provides initial medication for the baby and refers the women to a nearby hospital for safe delivery services. AMS continues to provide complete care for mothers and babies for 18 months.

Long-Term Impact

By continuing to provide top quality EMTCT services, AMS can save and improve the lives of countless women and children. Eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV is essential to realize an AIDS-free generation! AMS will use the money raised to continue providing full EMTCT services to more HIV positive pregnant women and mothers. With a continually increasing clientele, AMS expects to discharge more than 250 HIV negative babies in the next year.



Project Report