Improving HIV Treatment with Nutrition Support


Food security and nutrition are crucial for successful HIV support and treatment programs. This project will dully benefit Alive Medical Services’ Organic Gardening Program and Nutrition Support Program, which work in synergy to support thousands of our clients with access to well-balanced nutrition and livelihood skills.


Good nutrition is essential for people living with HIV, as it supports their absorption of medications, well-being, and ability to fight opportunistic infections. However, HIV often reduces an individual’s ability to work and earn a living. Additionally, the majority of AMS’ patients live in Namuwongo, one of the poorest areas in Kampala with very few employment options. AMS addresses this by providing clients with income generating opportunities and free, well-balanced nutrition supplements.


AMS provides regular nutrition support to clients and their families through Food Distribution days. AMS also provides agricultural and entrepreneurial training to clients participating in our Organic Gardening Program. This project will support both programs by using funds to expand the Nutrition Support program and provide more fresh produce to clients, purchased from participants in the Organic Gardening Program.

Long-Term Impact

By continuing to provide access to well-balanced nutrition, AMS can support the strength, health and well-being of our clients. HIV treatment cannot succeed without the aid of proper nutrition. By providing fresh fruits and vegetables in our nutrition distributions, we will continue to provide the comprehensive care that makes a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS.



Project Report