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My Journey with Alive Medical Services

By Francis Musasizi I was born into a family of three children: my sister, the oldest, and my brother, next in line. I was the last to be born, and we were all raised by our mother, a single parent. I’ve been living with this epidemic since the day I was born. For the past

Music Therapy at AMS: Goodbye, Isabel and Ella!

Today, AMS said goodbye to Isabel and Ella, two music therapy trainees from the University of the West of England. Isabel and Ella have been with AMS since November, when they launched daily music therapy programs for AMS clients.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Saudah Kiganda

Saudah has been at Alive Medical Services since 2008, managing the laboratory and overseeing the diagnoses of hundreds of thousands of clients. On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we celebrate Saudah and our other female colleagues in the field!

1-year-old Charity is HIV negative!

After over two years of counseling, consistent adherence to her medication, careful breastfeeding, and support from AMS doctors, Catherine received news that her second-born daughter, Charity, is officially HIV negative.

Peer-to-Peer Adherence Counselling Workshop Brings Clients Together

On Saturday, January 20, approximately 100 clients came together for a peer-to-peer adherence counselling workshop at Alive Medical Services. The event provided a platform for HIV positive clients to come together, discuss adherence and viral load suppression, and link to existing psychosocial and income-generating groups at AMS. Many participants signed up for AMS’ Peer Network

Meet George, Head of Nutrition at Alive Medical Services

George has been at Alive Medical Services for the last seven years, working to improve clients’ nutrition and help them adhere to their medication through food aid and counseling.